What should you know about home outdoor lighting?

There are so many different options available to you as a consumer when it comes to the home outdoor lighting. These lighting setups vary based on different factors such as functionality, the technology used, placement and the source of power. It is worth knowing the difference between these lights so that you know which type of light best suits your requirements. The technology has evolved significantly over the years and with the modern tech you get some of the most advanced and sophisticated lighting systems that can be controlled remotely plus they also include sensors for smart operation.

Understanding the different types of light options available in the market

One of the efficient ways in which you can light up your garden is by using porch or the patio lights. If you use the right type of porch or patio lights and integrate it with the supporting devices, then it can become one of the integral parts of your lighting and security solutions. So be before you go ahead and install the patio lights it is worth looking at the different options available to you so that you can accordingly choose the best option based on your requirements. There are two fundamental types of patio lights that are available in the market: the solar patio lights and LED patio lights.

Solar patio lights: These solar patio lights have integrated solar panel within the fixture for reducing the efforts of installation. You just need to find an appropriate spot which gets a good chunk of sunlight and then you can put the lights there. The brightness of these lights should be lesser than the 50 lumens whereas the higher end can go beyond the 1000 lumens. If you have higher amount of lumen output then you will have more functions such as color changing, motion sensing etc which means the charging time will also be higher.

LED patio lights: If you want energy efficient and long lasting lights then the LED patio lights is the ideal option for you. These lights will cost slightly more than the CFL and incandescent lights however the long-term savings that you get from it will easily offload the initial investment. The energy saving property of the LED lights is due to the low-temperature output that reduces the loss of energy in the form of heat. You also get various colored outputs and these lights attract smaller amount of insects and they are considerably easier to dispose.

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